Serge Noiret


Serge Noiret, (Belgian). I am History Information Specialist (Ph.D.) at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy. I support there from within the library, doctoral and post-doctoral European history programs and teaching digital history courses, (More info on publications in my CV here: Presently, my research focuses on the History of Public History, Digital (Public) History and Digital Humanities and History. I coordinate the European History Primary Sources portal ( and the old 1993 WWW History Central Catalogue ( I am member of the editorial board of the "Financial History Review", "Memoria e Ricerca", "Ricerche Storiche"; of the Expert Committee of the CVCE (Luxembourg),; of the Steering Committee of the SISF, (Italian Society for the Study of Photography,; founding member of the PH Association "Presente Remoto" in Florence, ; I have organized THATcamp Florence in March 2011 at the EUI,, together with the fiirst meeting of the Italian Association for Digital Humanities and Digital Culture,; I joined the NCPH before Portland (2010) in participating to the task Force on the internationalisation of PH; I organized for the NCPH 2011 meeting in Pensacola a panel on European PH; I am now Chair of the International Federation for Public History (IFPH-FIHP), Before THATcamp NCPH Milwaukee, I attended already THATcamp Florence 2011, THAtcamp NCPH Pensacola, 2011, THATcamp Switzerland in Lausanne, 2011 and THATcamp Luxembourg in March 2012.

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