Beyond Turnitin and anti-plagiarism softwares

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  1. Wow, Serge, that’s surprising — I’ve heard of Turnitin but haven’t ever used it, and I suppose never think of PhD students as people who plagiarize! I always thought of it as an undergraduate phenomenon in particular.

    You may want to talk to Ryan Cordell, who is doing a fascinating project with a computer scientist to identify and recognize reprinted texts in 19th-century newspapers.

  2. Thank you Amanda for the tip, I’ll look fir that. Yes plagiarism is used at all levels and our Ph.D. students have to produce a turnitin report before submitting the thesis: sometimes ot is discovered only when publishers look at the manuscript before the production of a book and it comes out… But my bet was to reuse a software for other purposes it was build for, especially when you have it and pay for it anyway…