THATCamp Hierarchy 2014?

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  1. Been meaning to comment on this, Ryan — sorry to be a laggard. You’re completely right that those of us who’ve been to lots of THATCamps will notice that some of the same conversations happen again and again, but the other thing I notice (more from stats than experience) is that most people at a THATCamp have never been to a THATCamp. At some point I decided that that was more important than anything else: even if THATCamp has peaked, or if it will eventually once the novelty wears off, I think it will have done its job if it shows everyone the importance of salting their regular conference with “unnish” aspects. THATCamp Leadership will itself have a significant proportion of people who’ve never been to a THATCamp, so we can certainly bounce this off them.

    But yes: I played around once with putting some kind of beginner / intermediate / advanced category in the network — might be time to revisit that. I will also say that the Maker Challenge at THATCamp Prime in June was a major revitalizer, I thought …

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