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On September 11th of last year, terrorists hijacked planes and crashed them into the world trade centers and the pentagon. I was at school when this had happened, then my principle announced it over the intercom. This affected millions of people, and thousands died. This was a threat from Osama Bin Laden and his Taliban followers.
When I got home that day I talked it over with my parents. Then I called my uncle John because he works in one of the other world trade centers, and he said he was all right. Also he said he was shocked, and couldn?t believe what had happened. My family and I were very concerned about him.
The next day my family and I discussed what had happened, and our feelings and thoughts about the events that took place. Also we talked about what we thinks we should do about the situation. We were all shocked, and didn?t know if this was the start of a war or an assault on the United States of America. We thought that we should eliminate Housaine because he has weapons that could kill everyone.
When I returned to school the next day we had a moment of silence to remember all of those who were lost. Then when I was on my way to lunch, I saw photos of all who had died, or who were missing. Also it talked about how people were jumping out o the World Trade Centers. Everyone at school was still talking about the attacks for the next couple of weeks.
Every time I think about September 11th it brings back dreadful memories of what happened. Also every time I think about it, the less I think about it next time. This tragic event took many lives, and left many people wondering what will happen next. Also it made people widowed, and left kids with no parents.


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